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We are a Call of Duty SA:MP server, reopened in 2017 with plenty of features, realistic gameplay style, bug fixes and improvements.
Play in the mode you like from Deathmatch, Team-deathmatch, Minigames, 1x1 Duels, Zombie Survival and Freeroam.

  • Realistic game features
  • Free/clean from bugs
  • Frequently updated
  • Works with low-pc
Legendary Warriors
  • 6 Different world countries
  • 6 Different death-match arenas
  • Zombie featured warfare
  • 25+ Territories to conquer
Legendary Warriors


Realistic Gameplay

Our features are developed to sound realistic/stylish for our players. We also ensure the quality of our features and improve them day by day.

Lag & Latency

Our script is optimized and maps are lite for low-pc specs. More to add, our host location is close to most of our players which keeps pings stable at 70-105.

Bugs Monitoring

Our beta team are always here to monitor the bugs and help us fix them once discovered. We ensure to fix all the found bugs before pushing new updates.

25+ Territories

Our script has a total of 25 mapped territories, which can be owned by other teams and gives profit to the owning team by time, some zones are special as well.


We support multiple modes at one time and same server. As in death-match, minigames (manual), team death-match, racing (manual), zombie survival and few others.


Play with real people, make a team and fight with others. Server is capable to hold the server at its maximum slots, which means, fps-drop is pretty impossible.


Legendary Warriors

Latest Release

  • Added zombies team; can infect players/spawns with chainsaw
  • Added time-cycle for all the players - can be disabled by V.I.P members
  • Improved the anti cheat, added announce messages in the chat
  • Changed text colors style and transparency levels
  • Added /credits and improved /help and /helpme
  • Added seven zombie classes to /class (for zombies)
  • Updated zombie abilities according to the score/class
  • Zombies will be hidden for players - not for administrators
  • Added spy zombie, spawns with disguise kits (/spy)
  • Improved the backpack functionality
  • Lowered score bonuses for capturing and killing
  • Increased headshot bonus to 5 score
  • Reduced nutshot bonus to 3 score
  • Updated links in /forum


Legendary Warriors

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